Two Giants In Their Respective Industries Are Merging To Initiate Amazon Podcasts Now

Amazon, the largest e-shopping marketplace is now expanding its Amazon Music industry by acquiring Wondery, which is a leading podcast publisher. Currently, Wondery podcasts are accessible through a variety of providing platforms, but the deal with Amazon will not change anything for the listeners. The deal between the two industry-giants has not closed as yet.

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Amazon entered the world of Music a while ago with its Amazon Music, and since September 2020, Amazon Music started launching podcasts too. In order to expand fully into the podcasts business, Amazon is now closing a deal with Wondery, which is already an established name in the world of podcasts.

Wondery has a brilliant track record of several hit shows.

Wondery is famous for the creation, recording, and production of top-rated podcasts like ‘The Shrink Next Door,’ ‘Dr. Death,’ ‘Dirty John,’ ‘Death of a Starlet,’ etc. Some of these podcasts have turned into beautiful TV shows too.

Wondery draws around 20 million listeners per month with its highly immersive and very engaging podcasts. It is ranked amongst the four biggest podcast publishers.

Now, with the deal between Amazon and Wondery, it is going to be quite beneficial for Wondery as its reach will expand further and with Amazon’s backing, the company will be able to produce and create more podcast wonders. Users can access Wondery podcasts through different providers, but this deal will not change or hamper anything for the listeners. In fact, it is likely that due to the connection with Amazon Music, Wondery will be able to provide more intriguing content for the users. The company has mentioned in their blog post that their mission has always been to provide entertainment and knowledge to their listeners, wherever they are in the world, and with Amazon Music, the company is quite hopeful that this mission will be accomplished at a larger scale now.

Amazon’s mission is to make use of this ‘pivotal moment’ to expand beyond offering music.

Amazon has not only expanded its HD Music horizon but recently it also partnered with Twitch to allow live streaming into Amazon Music.

Like Wondery, Amazon also wants to accelerate the growth of this podcast industry. It is looking for ways to open more range of opportunities for extremely talented content creators, hots, and voice artists from all around the globe. Amazon is quite hopeful too that partnering with Wondery will pave new ways for the podcasters and will provide unique and immersive experiences for the listeners. The company thinks that the listener’s habits are evolving, and they constantly need better content. So, this deal is going to be beneficial for everyone involved: Amazon, Wondery, and listeners.

Amazon is optimistic that with Wondery, they will continue to bring in more listeners to streaming and podcasting along with high-quality music entertainment.

As per Amazon’s blog post, this deal that is worth over $300 million has not closed yet, and completion of this transaction will be subject to customary closing conditions.

Source AP news

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