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Amazon: New deal with British secret services

Amazon: New deal with British secret services

THE Amazon agreed with his three espionage services United Kingdom in order to store material that is considered confidential. The branch of his colossus Jeff Bezos, AWS, will work with GCHQ, the MI5 and MI6, as well as with other parts of the state mechanism such as Ministry of Defense. The deal ranges from 600 million euros to 1.2 billion euros for the next 10 years.

According to the British media, the AWS although a company based in USA. will store the data provided to United Kingdom. At the same time, the Amazon will not have access to the information stored on its platform. Behind the move is not the need to store more data from intelligence companies, but to use existing data faster and more efficiently, government sources said.

However, reactions have already been provoked. THE Gkas Hussein, executive director of the organization Privacy International and a technology and human rights expert, said: “This is another public-private agreement that should be of concern, because it was done in secret. “Once the process goes ahead, Amazon will almost have a monopoly on providing data storage services to the world’s largest intelligence services.” THE GCHQ has stated that it will not disclose information about the agreements it concludes with its technology partners.

Services beyond speed will enable spies and analysts to use applications “such as voice recognition to translate conversations more easily”, revealed in a post «The Times».

THE CIA signed the first information storage contract with AWS in 2013 and was worth it $ 600 million. The package included all their secret services USA. The system was upgraded last year following a new agreement with a consortium of companies in which the AWS, the Microsoft, the Google, the Oracle and the IBM.