Amazon Prime confirms the series ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’

Amazon Prime confirms the series ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’

“It is said of me…”. If you read it singing, you’re one of us, which means that this news is going to excite you as much as we do. Amazon Prime Video confirmed the return of the beloved television soap opera I am Betty the Ugly one (1999) with the original leads!

The news was confirmed through an emotional video published by the account of Twitter of the service of streamingwhere Ana María Orozco (Betty Pinzón) and Jorge Enrique Abello (Armando Mendoza) meet again on the recording set while looking at their old Eco Moda company nametags.

coming soon by #PrimeVideoLAT @jeabello @orozcoanaok

— Prime Video LATAM (@PrimeVideoLat) July 6, 2023

The last we heard from the iconic couple that has transcended several generations was that they got married, with which Betty managed to make peace with herself after so much suffering. Starting from there, this new installment seeks to delve into the life of the marriage, 20 years after the conclusion of the original series.

While the empowered Betty remains married to her husband and company leader, Armando Mendoza, she rebuilds her relationship with her teenage daughter Mila and tries to cope with the crisis at her family company, wondering if 20 years ago she chose the path that truly made her. happy.

— Official Synopsis

The continuation of the beloved Colombian soap opera will not be long in coming, since it was announced for the year 2024. Also, something that has been applauded is the return of the writer and director of the original version, Juan Carlos Pérez and Mario Ribero, with whom the essence of the story and the characters are expected to remain true.

Unfortunately, the only thing that made us say “How so, Don Armando?” is the fact that four characters do not return to the project. They are Paula Peña (Sofía), María Eugenia Arboleda (Mariana), Adriana Franco (Betty’s mother) and Martha Isabel Bolaños (the pupuchurra).

In less than you say “Flu flu, it flew”, users of all social networks reacted to the news. These are some memes about the event.

1. It’s like seeing the gods return to Olympus

2. Bomb, bomb!

3. We’ll find out

4. The unknown is breathing down my neck, Marce

5. Inesita, my valerian or something!

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