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Amazonas court sentences English canoeist’s killer to 32 years in prison

The 1st Court of the Coari District, in the state of Amazonas, sentenced Arthur Gomes da Silva to 32 years in prison for the murder of English canoeist Emma Kelty, in 2017.

In the sentence of Judge Fábio Alfaia, it is stated that “in the analysis of the set of evidence established, observing the substantial allegations presented by both parties, it is imperative to recognize that the evidence collected is sufficient to form a condemnatory judgment in detriment of the accused”.

The other accused of the crime, Jardel Pinheiro, who died in 2020, had his punishment extinct.

Canoeist Emma Kelty was sailing alone along the Amazon River, on a course that began in Peru and would end in Brazil, according to the Public Ministry’s complaint.

Also according to the Public Ministry, the crime took place in September 2017, on Bolero beach, near the community of Lauro Sodré, rural area of ​​Coari, where Emma was camped.

The victim was murdered, robbed and had his body thrown into the river in an attempt to hide the crime. Prosecutor Weslei Machado classified the act in the complaint as “one of the most barbaric crimes committed in Brazil, with international repercussions”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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