Amazonia, black year: 8,500 square kilometers of forest destroyed


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Fires in the Amazon devastated 8,500 square kilometers of forests in the Amazon. Not even the pandemic that hit Brazil hard has slowed the environmental disaster. The National Institute of Space Investigations explained that 2020 saw the second largest loss since 2015. In 2019, 9,178 square kilometers of the Earth’s green lung went up in flames.

In 2020, over 103,000 were registered fires, 15.6% more than in 2019. It is a fact that concerns environmentalists together with the increase recorded in the month of December 2020 alone: ​​an area disappeared 14% higher than that which disappeared in December 2019.

The Brazilian Climate Observatory reported that the two-year government Bolsonaro correspond to an 81% increase in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, with an annual average of 8,802 square kilometers. For environmentalists, these numbers are proof of the “consolidation of the worst scenario for the Amazon region” due to the president’s policies and management of natural resources.

“Fires in the Amazon and Pantanal have been on the rise over the past two years. It is not a coincidence but the result of environmental destruction policies implemented by the government in office, ”said Marcio Astrini, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory. Among the activities authorized by the Bolsonaro administration are mining, wood exploitation, livestock and intensive cultivation. They are legal activities, facilitated from a tax point of view, but also illegal activities that are not prosecuted.

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