Amber Heard’s lawyers prepare to appeal (after losing Johnny Depp’s trial)

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There dispute between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is far from over. Although the actress lost the plaintiff’s libel suit against her, she continues to come back to what happened in every possible form.

He started with a long post of disappointment on Instagram, continued with a long TV interview in several episodes and now he plans to go back to court because he does not accept the verdict of the jury in the least and wants to go on appeal. After the sentencethe actress had initially said she would take a break to look after her babyOonagh Paige, born April 8, 2021 through gestation for others, but now she seems determined to fight (again) and not turn the page.

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His lawyers, in fact, delivered a 43-page document to the Virginia court on Friday 1 July 2022 explaining the reasons why they believe the court’s decision was not supported by enough evidence.

In recent days, the actor has denied rumors of a series of negotiations with Walt Disney to return in the sixth film de Pirates of the Caribbeanbut his ex-wife claims he didn’t lose the part because ofarticle she wrote in 2018 for Washington Post.

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It all started from there, in fact: Amber Heard defined him – albeit without mentioning him by name – a “beater of wives”, a definition that the court considered defamatory and false. Nothing to do, the star of Aquaman is not there and returns to the attack. Despite having claimed to be on the verge of bankruptcy and therefore unable to pay the millionaire compensation provided by the court, it seems very ready to embark on a new – and very expensive – legal battle.

Immediately after the verdict on TV he declared that he still loves Depp, yet he continues to wage war on him and now he seems to want to point the finger even at one of the jurors, who according to him would be younger than what was declared on the documents. In practice, Amber Heard questions the data provided by what should be juror number 15 and then asks for a review of the verdict.

Verdict, which she remembers, sees her as the loser on all three counts of defamation. Nevertheless Amber Heard told al Today that this decision brings back the long-time feminist battle. In practice, the actress says she is scared that now the victims of violence can be silent, terrified at the idea of ​​not being believed.

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