Ambra Angiolini: “At 44, I’m proud of my wounds”

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The mechanism is similar to that of the film Immature: what happens to a group of friends who find themselves retaking the final exams? Here, in the comedy For all life by Paolo Costella (scripted not surprisingly also by Paolo Genovese and in cinemas from 11 November) four couples meet with their marriage canceled. Someone has no doubts in repeating the fateful “yes” to the same person again, someone else has many doubts.

The couples are Sara (Ambra) and Vito (Fabio Volo), about to separate and with a child to manage; Edo (Luca Bizzarri) and Giada (Carolina Crescentinidear friend di Viola (Claudia Gerini) and Mark (Paolo Kessisoglu), to the point of having married in the same church on the same day and even having chosen the same destination for the honeymoon. But something unexpected happens during that trip. There are also Paola (Claudia Pandolfi) e Andrea (Filippo Nigro): he is eager to have a child, but she just doesn’t talk about it.

We met Ambra and Fabio Volo who have talked to us about that “for life”, about unhappiness and what they would change, if they could, about their past. “I wouldn’t delete anything“, Volo is categorical,” everyone is also the sum of their own mistakes. Of course I would do many things again, especially work, for example television programs or scenes in some films ». “They are the fruit of my public mistakes», Adds Sara’s interpreter,« thank goodness I did them, at 44 years old proud enough of my visible wounds. Before I lived them with a bit of embarrassment, today I am quite serene ».

All the characters in the film are unhappy. Let it be the effect of the post years marriage? «It is not a question of unhappiness», Fabio is convinced, «it is unawareness towards themselves, it is very common in our society. Today it is easy to know others, but not yourself. Everything goes so fast and on pre-established tracks that if an external agent does not intervene, as in the film, to make many think, he would continue to live in a perennial routine. This kind of unhappiness is due to the lack of knowledge of what one really wants. ”

Ambra and Fabio Volo in a scene from For all life (Photo Andrea Miconi).

Andrea Miconi

Amber shares. “Perhaps the right question for these characters is to ask “How are we?” “Where are we going?” so that things are not suffered, but chosen. In long relationships you should ask yourself these questions more often and also give yourself answers, not pretend nothing has happened. Then maybe the “for life” would make sense ».

The fateful sentence is not in the ropes of Volo: “I’m not a man of promises in general», He says,« I like to give myself the space to be the opposite of what I said the day before, even if some say it is inconsistent. For me, evolution goes towards unknown territories: if one says today that he knows what will happen tomorrow, it means that that man is not real; tomorrow is a territory still to be investigated. Here, I could try to be conscious and have a high degree of awareness throughout my life. I hope it happens ».

«In spite of myself I am the queen of “And if I promise then I keep. He swears“(He quotes his I belong to you ed). It’s the imprint they gave me as a child and they also use me at weddings “, says Ambra with a smile, who will soon return to the theater with the monologue The knot, after two years of hiatus.

“Finally, I can’t wait to be afraid and feel inadequate», The actress confesses,« as in relationships, you have to throw yourself into the theater because you don’t know if it will go well. But I don’t have the same ability in life to reach the same degree of serenity that I feel on stage. The knot it is a beautiful sight on the bullying, about the school and the family quarreling, leaving our children to their fate. I am happy to bring it back to the stage, it was important two years ago, but I think it is even more so today ».

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