Ambra, couple tattoo with daughter Jolanda: “Forever”

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Kind and courageous. Two words that Ambra Angiolini she chose carefully: she posted them a few days ago to thank her daughter Jolanda, 17, who was in an intense social post defended mom from gossip and speculation. Fresh from separation with Massimiliano Allegri, the Roman actress was in fact targeted by gossip and by Strip the News, enough to unleash the wrath of the firstborn.

“It’s not clear to me why have come to Milan with the Tapir to look for her, and did not go to Turin to him “, thundered the girl on his Instagram. “Because she trusted of the person she was with and shared with four years of his life? Even if this person turned out to be different in the end, is the fault of whoever trusts or who betrays the trust? AND betrays in every possible sense».

Delirium on the web, with thousands of re-shares and an avalanche of compliments. There were, in fact, those of mother Ambra: perhaps, she so appreciated the “Descent into the field” of the daughter, who decided to “join” to her with a splendid one couple tattoo. “At the end convinced me», Writes the star on her profile, on the sidelines of a tender photo together. “A forever that you couldn’t to reject».

«Thought with the eyes of the heart», Adds Ambra, also tagging the artist who – probably – had the idea: mother and daughter got tattooed on the forearm the two sides of the same drawing. That is on the one hand a stylized face of a woman, who closes her eyes and seems to blow slightly, on the other the Dandelion, the so-called shower head, a flower that symbolizes strength, hope and trust.

Perfect for Ambra and Jolanda, then. Never so close.

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