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Ambulances with premature babies from Gaza arrive in Egypt

Ambulances with premature babies from Gaza arrived in Egypt after crossing the Rafah border crossing. The convoy was met by doctors waiting with incubators to take them.

According to an Egyptian government official, 28 babies were transported to Egypt. Four mothers and six nurses, who formed the group, will be taken to two separate hospitals for treatment, the government source added.

On Sunday, 31 babies were transferred from Al-Shifa Hospital to Emirati Hospital in southern Gaza, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) told CNN in this Monday.

Today, 28 were on their way to Egypt when a baby was discharged from Gaza and went home with his parents to temporary shelter. Two other babies remained in the ICU unit at Emirati Hospital.

Newborns are being transferred from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which has become a site of increasing conflict in the war.

The Israeli military alleges that the facility is being used by Hamas as a shield for its operations and raided the hospital last Wednesday. Hamas and hospital officials denied Israel’s allegations.

*Contributed by CNN’s Eleni Giokos and Abeer Salman.

Source: CNN Brasil

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