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AMD is not going to limit mining on new graphics cards. The reason is simple

AMD has stated that it does not intend to software-limit the capabilities of its video cards for mining cryptocurrencies. But don’t be happy, because its new graphics accelerators are designed in such a way that it is simply unprofitable to mine on them. This was announced by AMD Product Manager Niesh Neelalojanan.

In particular, he noted that the RDNA 2 architecture is designed primarily for gaming. This is facilitated by the fast Infinity Cache and small bus width. Mining requires high bandwidth, so the hardware capabilities of Radeon RX 6000 cards are already limited. The company deliberately took such a step so that video cards went to gamers and users for professional purposes.

“All our optimization algorithms, as always, are primarily focused on performance in games. Obviously, gamers benefit from this approach, but for mining these solutions will not be ideal, ”said Nish Nilalojanan.

Currently, the most coveted among miners is the NVIDIA RTX 3090, whose performance exceeds any other solution on the market. However, given the increased cost of bitcoin, the demand is now observed for any productive video cards. NVIDIA previously announced that it is going to build mining protection into its RTX 30 series graphics cards, which will significantly reduce the hash rate.

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