Amendment for financial assistance to victims of Samos and North Evia

Amendment for financial assistance to victims of Samos and North Evia

An amendment providing financial assistance to the earthquake victims of Samos and the fire victims of northern Evia, was submitted by the Ministry of Digital Government, in order to support the demand of domestic tourism.

Specifically, the amendment, submitted to the bill of the Ministry of Justice for the inclusion of the Dodecanese in the National Land Registry, provides for the “provision for the year 2022, from the national part of the Public Investment Program of the Ministry of Digital Government, financial support for each adult “Supporting the demand for domestic tourism in Samos and Northern Evia, which were affected by the earthquake of October 30, 2020 and the fires of August 2021, respectively”. The amendment specifies. the categories of beneficiaries – beneficiaries or not of this aid, which amounts to a maximum of three hundred (300) euros and one hundred and fifty (150) euros. for the mentioned municipalities of Samos and Northern Evia, respectively.

The same amendment regulates matters within the competence of the General Secretariat for Communication and Information:

a. The partial or total coverage of the employer contribution of 2% on the annual turnover of the company to the Unified Journalistic Organization of Auxiliary Insurance and Care (EDOEAP) is also included for the year 2021 in the financial support programs of the newspaper publishing companies.

b. The possibility extends to the year 2021 for liable companies to settle their debts to EDOEAP arising from an employer contribution in up to seventy two (72) installments with a minimum installment amount of one hundred (100) euros, with exemption of fines and surcharges overdue submission and payment.

Source: AMPE

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