American Night: Tarantino in the world of art

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«Art + Life = Chaos», reads the neon sign that opens the chapters of American Night. The sum of art and life is chaos, which takes the form of explosions, murders, deadly scorpions, reckless scams. We are in the world of New York art, the protagonists of Alessio della Vallein theaters from May 19, I am the “rock star of contemporary art” (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), his girlfriend restorer of paintings (Paz Vega), the son (Emile Hirsch) of the mafia boss (Michael Madsen) in search of recognition as an artist, an unfortunate courier who trades on the black market (Fortunato Cerlino).

The inspiration is clearly from Taranto, the first 15 minutes are a tribute to pulp Fictionin the film there is also Michael Madsen, Tarantino’s fetish actor. He draws heavily on that imagination and that style, in the dialogues, in the structure of the film, in the scenes of violence, in the characters and in the taste for excess. A black comedy or a neo-noir thriller, with a plot that is not always very clear, also due to the non-linear story, which revolves around the theft of a work of art, the Pink Marilyn from Andy Warhol. The chaos that follows is an enigma that the viewer unravels slowly, painting after painting, going back and forth in history, each time with a different point of view.

We often complain of the lack of courage of Italian cinema, but of American Nightimperfect film, a debut, one cannot but rejoice in the ambition that underpins the whole operation, including the production and the cast.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Paz Vega in American Night by Alessio Della Valle.



Source: Vanity Fair

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