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Americanas minority shareholders will ask MPF to investigate PwC

Americanas minority shareholders will ask MPF to investigate PwC

The minority shareholders of Americanas are going to file a lawsuit against the multinational consultancy PwC for committing crimes against the capital and financial markets in Brazil.

The lawyer representing the group, Daniel Gerber, said that the balance sheet with a deficit of BRL 20 billion was approved by PwC in 2021 without any reservations.

“What we will ask for is the inclusion of PwC directors in the investigation to verify the degree of responsibility of each one of them in the case of the Americans. But, in any case, we are still going to request a serious and severe investigation of all directors and the controlling group of Americanas [3G Capital]”, he explains.

Gerber adds that he will also ask for the blocking of assets and values ​​of people who have an indication of some direct responsibility, via action or via omission.

Regarding the consultancy, the lawyer says that PwC is an independent auditor and, therefore, becomes responsible for the fairness of the information that is provided to the public by the company.

“That’s exactly why it exists. It audits, confers the seal of quality to these companies. And it is through this seal that investors buy or stop buying certain shares”, he points out.

The lawyer points out that when there is an independent audit that is linked to a certain company due to legal obligations from a criminal point of view, it becomes a figure called a guarantor agent.

“The consultancy should act to avoid the result. If he does not act satisfactorily or does not avoid the result, she responds together with the people who committed the offense. So, faced with a shortfall of BRL 40 billion, it is evident that PwC not only failed in its attempt, but also collaborated ”, he concluded.

THE CNN contacted PwC, but the auditor said she does not comment on customer cases.

Source: CNN Brasil