Americanas says sales and deliveries were not affected after judicial recovery

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Americanas published a statement to customers this Saturday (21) in which it says purchases and deliveries of orders placed by consumers have not been affected. In a note, the company said that it “continues to operate normally” and “nothing has changed”.

“We recommend that the customer monitor the delivery of his order, which will follow within the deadlines stipulated at the time of purchase. If you have any questions, look for one of our service channels”.

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The company filed for bankruptcy on Thursday (19), eight days after announcing to the market a billionaire shortfall due to “accounting inconsistencies”.

The judicial reorganization of Americanas has already become the fourth largest in the country, in the year in which the law of judicial reorganizations (Law 11.101), from 2005, completes 18 years. Since the discovery, the company’s shares went from R$ 12.00 to less than R$ 1.00.

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See the full statement from Americanas below:

Dear customers:

The last few days have not been easy and we have had to file for judicial recovery. Since we discovered accounting inconsistencies in our balance sheets, we have acted calmly and transparently to communicate the fact and continue with the objective of negotiating with our creditors to find a quick and functional solution for all parties. That was not possible. Negotiations with creditors being exhausted, we were forced to protect ourselves with this request in court.

We know that questions will arise about our future. Therefore, it is important to remember that recovery is just a judicial remedy used to protect our cash so that we can continue to operate in our stores, websites and app while, in parallel, we continue in new negotiations with such creditors.

Americanas is an almost century-old retailer that provides a broad service to the population, employs more than 100,000 people directly and indirectly, and has a strong social commitment to bringing affordable products to its 53 million customers.

We are thousands of employees and we continue to work with dedication to serve you with the best experience and keep this company standing. We will continue together so that Americanas remains active and relevant in the daily life of our country.

Source: CNN Brasil

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