Amici 21: the (not obvious) victory of Luigi and the emotion of Maria De Filippi

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For years we have been used to taking that for granted Friends a name able to stand out clearly above the others would have won him, and it is for this reason that the final of this twenty-first edition managed to undermine our certainties making us understand that in a well-oiled talent like that of Maria De Filippi anything can happen, even that the predictions jump at the last minute. Sissi, given by many favorites both in the Singing category and in the general one – however, he won the Critics’ Prize -, in fact, he abandons the competition not even half an hour from the start of the program, leaving him to compete for the prize of best singer of Friends 21 is one of Alex and Luigi. The choice of televoting, despite being undecided until the last, is oriented on the latter, who a few hours later raises the golden school cup in the air while his sequin jacket returns the spotlight of a final that runs smoothly to the end, demonstrating to the public the extraordinary empathy that binds the boys.

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From Dawns to Serena, from Michele to Sissiit is clear that misunderstandings and squabbles are no longer a priority among students: Friends 21in fact, it moves away from any fouling, giving a crystalline, liquid show, where rivalries are eliminated by talent and, above all, by recognition of outsiders. Together with the publication of the 4 EPs of the finalist singers – Light by Sissi for Sugar; We are not alone by Alex for 21CO; Strangis by Luigi for 21CO; And Sunrises di Albe for Warner Music Italy – the opportunities that hit Serena e of the winner of the category of the Ball of Friends 21 Michele. The school of Maria De Filippi is, in fact, the only Italian forge that gives a chance to the many Italian dancers looking for an opportunity, and it is wonderful that television gives them the right visibility to capture the attention of masters such as Roberto Bolle – who proposed to Michele to perform on 5 September 2022 at the event On Dance planned at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan – and prestigious academies such as the Alley School of New York – which offered Serena a one-year scholarship -, shining a light on an industry that really needs support, especially after the past two years.

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For the rest, tr covers of greats such as the Rolling Stones and paintings made on historical songs such as No sleep, the final of Friends it is surprising both because no one was certain this time about who would win, and because finding the rhythm in an evening dictated by a lineup that includes performances, eliminations and prizes is not easy, and only champions like Maria and her authors could succeed in the enterprise, also counting on the extraordinary participation of a Big house in the school like Alessandra Amoroso. The biggest emotion comes, however, a few seconds after closing, when Maria, once off her shoes, remembers Piero Sonaglia with infinite affection, the studio assistant who worked by his side for twenty years, paying homage to a work team he considers the natural extension of his family: a medal of valor that can cross the screen and even reach the audience at home.

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