Amsterdam’s LGBT Pride Parade draws crowds through city streets

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Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this Saturday (6th) for the return of Gay Pride Parade of the city after two years of cancellations due to restrictions related to the pandemic of Covid-19 .

“I missed it, and I think everyone did,” said Chas, 42, as he watched the rainbow boats filled with people celebrating, dancing in feathers, glitter and leather as they passed under a bridge.

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The 25th edition of the parade ends a week of events related to the theme in the city, as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities celebrate their identity and speak out for their rights.

“Originally, that was gay pride, but today you see hundreds of thousands of people, regardless of whether they’re gay or straight or whatever, and that’s fantastic,” said Jonas van der Kaaij Olsen, 53, draped in a flag. of rainbow.

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This year, the theme was “My Gender, My Pride”, seeking to focus attention on gender identity, as organizers said that transgender emancipation lags behind other groups.

According to the festival, the focus of the event is gradually shifting from celebrating people’s right to love whoever they want to the right to be who they are.

In a poll by broadcaster EenVandaag, 73% of respondents who identified as LBGT supported holding the parade, while nearly half thought the event should be less commercial and more focused on rights issues.

A spokesperson for Amsterdam’s health authorities said no special notice was being issued to parade participants about the monkey pox a virus that causes painful blisters and is spreading predominantly among men who have sex with men.

However, information about the disease – which is mainly transmitted through physical contact with an infected person’s skin – is being provided at various locations across the city.

Fewer than 1,000 cases have been reported in the Netherlands, where vaccination among vulnerable groups began last month.

Source: CNN Brasil

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