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Amy Harwick: Famous Sex Therapist’s Murder Trial Begins – Her Ex-Partner Charged

In progress is trial for the murder of the famous sex therapist Amy Harwickwith the main defendant being her ex-partner Gareth Purchousewith whom she had a brief fling in 2011.

In accordance with Law and Crime, Harwick was found critically injured under the balcony of her home on February 15, 2020, and died a few hours later. From the first moment, the 38-year-old was considered a suspect, because he was allegedly obsessed with her, even though they had broken up years ago.

More detail, they had tied the knot in 2011 but split in 2012because Harwick claimed he was physically and emotionally abusive to her, while she filed for a restraining order against him.

However, almost eight years later, during which there was not the slightest communication between themthe two of them they met again by chance at an event in Hollywoodin mid-January 2020. Harwick was invited and Pershaus was hired to cover the glamorous evening as a photographer.

After this meeting, Mr man managed to find the 38-year-old’s phone and started harassing her, with phone calls, SMS and voicemails where she sobbed and pressured her to get back together. “She told him she didn’t want any communication between them, so to punish her he broke into her house and killed her,” said Assistant District Attorney Victor Avila.

The strange behavior

The woman had reported that she was frightened by Pershouse’s behavior, even though it had been years since they had been together. So she blocked his phone, changed the locks on her house and had a technician install security cameras. The terrified woman she had emailed herself an excerpt of her diary describing Pershaus’s actions.

The Prosecuting Authority maintains that the evidence it has gathered, including DNA of the defendant found under the victim’s fingernails and blood stains in the apartment, leaves no doubt as to his guilt.

However, the defendant’s lawyer presents a different version of events. The lawyer Evan Franzel described his client as depressed and unstable, explaining that he could not overcome the psychological problems he was dealing with. According to the version she presented in court, Harwick’s death was an accident after she climbed the railing to get away from her ex and slipped.

Source: News Beast

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