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An artist from Japan makes clothes from clay

An artist from Japan makes clothes from clay

Clothes from εί clay creates Masami Yamamoto, in order to give expression to memory through the idea of ​​used clothes. For the Japanese-based artist from Kanazawa, used clothes have a special type of poetry that highlights the accumulation of time, through lace, seams, even their delicate folds.

“I believe that ceramic materials fit very well into our human existence, through their strong presence and fragility,” explains Masami Yamamoto. “Based on my thoughts on the raw material of clay and the process of creation, this series of works uses ceramic materials as a means of memory. “By observing old clothes or objects, I try to memorize the spirit of the owner and his traces,” he adds.

“Using the plasticity of the clay, I try to reproduce the softness of the clothes,” he continues. “Through the baking process, the clay hardens and retains the image of the object. It becomes a means of memory. I have the feeling that the previous owner (of the garment) and my own time are mixed. As for the objects made of clay, I feel them as poetic memories of our absolute loneliness and the joys and sorrows of our daily life “.

Since 2011, Yamamoto has been working on a range of clay garments, from shirts to underwear, handmade every detail, according to APE-MPE. Recently, the Hiina Action Gallery in Kanazawa hosted an exhibition of works by Masami Yamamoto entitled “The Texture of Memory”.