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An attacker attacked an airdrop of the Connext Network project

Created a few hours before the Connext Network airdrop received a significant amount of NEXT tokens through more than 200 applications. The unknown owner immediately sold coins totaling over $39,000.

The distribution of tokens was limited to one transaction per address. An attacker allegedly exploited a vulnerability API and carried out the so-called Sibylla’s attackConnext co-founder Arjun Bhuptani admitted.

The wallet sent out a large number of requests, which led to problems with branding of tokens by users. The project team acknowledged the difficulties encountered.

According to them, “a lot of misinformation” about the incident is being circulated on social media. They recommended that users wait for official announcements from the project.

According to Debank, an unknown person converted NEXT into USDT and Ethereum stablecoin for sale on decentralized exchanges.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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