An electric dome was invented in Russia to protect against UAVs

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The RIA Novosti information publication, with reference to the Rospatent website, reported that Russian scientists from the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces are actively working on the creation of a newest defense system against attacks from unmanned aerial vehicles. Based on the description of this development on the official website, the protective complex is a special electrified fence in the form of a mesh dome. That is, science fiction films with spaceships with a protective field turned out to be prophetic – very soon, a similar technology will protect important objects from collecting information or attack from UAVs.

Also in the documentation for this development, it is indicated that the electric dome will operate in three modes – security, security-repulsive and security-striking. In the first version, apparently, the system will simply notify the operator at the workplace about penetration into the protected area, the second mode of operation implies some kind of impact on the drone without destroying it – of course, they do not indicate how this will work in the documentation. The third mode of operation involves the complete destruction of the UAV. Accordingly, the operator will set the required operating mode depending on the situation, the type of protected object and other variables.

In the future, when the development is tested and implemented, the latest security system will guard critical facilities throughout the country. For example, we are talking about nuclear power plants or large oil storage facilities that may suffer from a group attack by a potential enemy’s drones. Drones can deceive various detection and video surveillance systems, but they will not be able to get through the protective electric dome.

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