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An employee of Mercedes-Benz said that the electric Gelik will be released in 2024

Last year, Mercedes-Benz officially showed its electric Gelik, but, however, in the concept format, and not a production car, or at least an early prototype. Accordingly, many journalists and car enthusiasts took the news more as a PR company in the direction of full electrification, rather than a real promise to release such a vehicle in the foreseeable future. But yesterday, September 23, it turned out that the automotive giant is actually planning to release an electric version of the G-Class SUV in the very near future – Ola Kallenius (Ola Kallenius), chairman of the board of Mercedes-Benz, in an interview with Autoblog said that the release should take place as early as the middle of 2024.

I would like to remind you that in 2019, when the first announcements of this electric SUV appeared, the same Ola Kallenius told reporters that so far he has no confidence in the future of this electric car, and in 2021, during the presentation of the conceptual version of the model, the company also did not discussed no plans regarding the release of a new representative of the G-class. But the situation seems to have changed a lot – Kallenius told Autoblog that he even drove a prototype electric SUV at a special Mercedes-Benz test site in Austria – no information has been received regarding this before.

Unfortunately, no additional information about the EQG model, namely this name, is likely to be used by the manufacturer, the chairman of the board did not tell. At the moment, there is simply no data on the range of the SUV, its power plants, battery capacity and other important parameters. The only thing that the manufacturer said during the presentation of the concept concerned the drive – the EQG has a full one. And although then it was about a car for the event, the production model, of course, will also have all-wheel drive – although it is electric, it is still an SUV.

In addition, a company representative said that although the EQG is an SUV, it also represents one of the most premium Mercedes-Benz lines, so it will have the appropriate “stuffing”. The company noted that the electric SUV will get all the advantages of the EQS sedan – a huge display, a digital dashboard, probably even an additional angle of rotation of the rear wheels. It’s even interesting how much such a premium SUV will cost, given that even the ICE version is sold for some crazy money.

Source: Trash Box

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