An error in the code on OpenSea led to the burning of 42 NFTs for $ 100,000

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Due to an error in the code of the OpenSea platform, 42 collectible tokens worth about $ 100,000 were accidentally sent to the address used to destroy the tokens.

About it
wrote Ethereum Domain Name System (ENS) lead developer Nick Johnson tweeted. He revealed that he owns rilxxlir.eth, the first name in ENS, registered in 2017.

According to Johnson, the domain belonged to the ENS account, although Johnson registered and paid for it. The developer decided to auction rilxxlir.eth as an NFT. Before doing so, he tried to send it via OpenSea to his address (nick.eth), however, the collectible token was sent to 0x0000 … 0000edd899b – the address of OpenSea intended for burning tokens.

After talking with platform support, Johnson learned that he was the first victim of a bug that affected all transfers of ERC-721 tokens to ENS names. According to the developer, OpenSea has already fixed the bug. However, Johnson later found out that there are several other users who have lost 42 NFTs worth about $ 99,000 in the same way. The “burnt” tokens were included in the collections of Art Blocks, Bloot and The Sevens.

Some victims too
wrote on Twitter about what happened. They are demanding clarification from OpenSea and want to know if the platform plans to compensate them to compensate for the damage caused by the error. OpenSea has yet to comment on the situation.

In late August, many users suffered from fake OpenSea tech support, losing all of their collectible tokens. In addition, the scammer sold a fake NFT for $ 338,000 on the OpenSea platform last week, but then returned the money to the buyer.

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