On February 29 in Moscow, at the StandArt business hotel, the ICC Russia seminar “Digital tools for real business: overcoming boundaries” will be held.

At the beginning of February, the main Chinese bank for Russian importers, Chouzhou Commercial Bank, notified clients that it was stopping operations with Russia. This was followed by news that UAE banks are actively limiting settlements with Russia and closing accounts for companies and private clients. What alternative payment methods work for business?

There are already projects in Russia that use cryptocurrencies to carry out transactions worth tens of billions of rubles. But how can a business make payments in cryptocurrencies legally and safely in the absence of a legal framework? How do regulators react to such payments?

To provide business with practical advice, connecting the worlds of cryptocurrencies and export-import contracts, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the State Duma and heads of fintech companies who daily carry out B2B payments in digital currencies for exporters and importers will gather on one platform.

Seminar participants will enjoy informal communication without cameras, discussion of practical cases and an insider overview of the market. More information about the event can be found at website.

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