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An idea for the head: an ode to brown and its lightening

Among the most loved (and envied) brown hair we undoubtedly find that of Kate Middleton. Its waves typically bouncy enhance a chocolate color that is often heated by golden and bright lightening. Whatever the shade of the gradient, the result is always natural, never artificial. And of undeniable trend.

The brown this year is experiencing and will undoubtedly live its moment of glory. We have seen many celebs, both national and international, say goodbye to their almost always bleached blonde hair to embrace a more natural brown and close to their base “, he explains. Marina Marcuccetti, owner of the Cotril Salons by Marina in Forte dei Marmi and of the San Babila 5 Salon in Milan.

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Obtaining a natural and not constructed result – alla Alessandra Ambrosio so to speak – it is the greatest difficulty for those who decide to let themselves be seduced by lightening on dark hair. In addition to aesthetic factors, there are many elements to consider when deciding to give your color a new twist. Worth, among other things, the fall in unsightly orange effects.

The lightening techniques for a natural effect

«The most popular and requested techniques of the moment are sombras, shatush, balayage, ombré, degradé, all united by a very natural final result. They are drawn on the foliage of the lightenings that give shine, depth and blend the hair with a very natural effect. It is, of course, essential to choose the shade that best suits the client considering the complexion and the color of the eyes, passing from shades of honey to bronze, but also caramel and chocolate“.

Keep orange reflections away

“To defeat the dreaded orange effect we must take into consideration the bleaching method, the technique and the starting point, wisely balancing the color and knowing that the greatest risk in lightening dark hair is precisely the release of reddish and orange tones with an unsightly effect. We will therefore have to lighten thin locks and with oxygen at low volumes. Although it will take longer it will allow us to obtain a more natural effect without pushing too much on the pigments. The biggest mistake, in fact, is precisely that of using too high volumes because yes, we will have a faster lightening, but also a too high push on the pigments which, however, does not guarantee us naturalness “.

Below is a roundup of inspirations and allies to keep the color alive.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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