An Italian gynecologist who said he cures cancer with sex participated in a conference in Greece

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The gynecologist is said to have taken part in a conference in a large hotel in Athens Italy where he told his patients that they would be cured of cancer if they had an affair with him.

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In particular, according to information from Mega, the specific doctor is not unknown to the scientific community of the country, as in 2017 he had taken part, in fact he was a keynote speaker, at a conference in Athens on the subject of the lower urogenital system.

How did he fall into the hands of the authorities? «Dr Magic Flute»

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THE «Dr Magic Flute», as was his nickname, but fell into the hands of the authorities when the TV show “Le lene” set a trap for him. He was recorded by a security camera and then entered the room and the canal crew.

The 60-year-old Giovanni Miniello, was exposed when one of his patients, who suggested that they meet erotically for treatment, addressed the research show. The 33-year-old woman consulted him about her failure to conceive a child and he allegedly suggested that she had signs of the human papillomavirus. (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cancer, despite being negative Papanicolaou test.

He allegedly told her: “I have saved many women from cancer. “All those I had contact with were negative afterwards.”

The doctor was active in an operating room in the south Italy and in Bari, the capital of its region Puglia in Adriatic and since the TV show aired, another 15 other women have appeared and claimed to have also been victims of the doctor.

His action did not stop there, as he also said that sexual intercourse with someone like the one who had been vaccinated would also offer the woman immunity.

The actress of the show who played the patient, agreed to meet him in a hotel, where he assured her again as they undressed that after meeting them he would get rid of the virus.

In fact, when she asked him if they would get any protection, he replied that it would be pointless, as the antibodies would not pass. But before proceeding with any action, a journalist entered the room and surprised the half-naked doctor who protested: “I do it for my study and for the other people I have saved.”

Through his lawyer, o Μινιέλο he reportedly said: “I, who have successfully treated hundreds of women for more than 40 years… I only suggested an alternative treatment that has worked.” He also added that he had never forced women to have sex with him and always gave them “absolute freedom of choice”.

His coordinator Center for Combating Violence in the Bari, Marika Masara, he said: “We have received dozens of reports in recent days. Women who have gone through a similar situation. “Some are thinking of mentioning it, others are afraid.”

The prosecutor at Bari meanwhile opened an investigation, which is currently in a preliminary phase.

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