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Ana Castela responds to a fan's chant and the detail draws attention

Ana Castela went viral on social networks after refusing a fan's pick-up line this weekend, while performing at Ribeirão Rodeo Music , part of the second stage of the Circuito Sertanejo. When interacting with fans, Boiadeira revealed the age group of the men who most piques your interest.

Between one hit and another at the event last Saturday (20), the 20-year-old artist read a flirty poster and reacted. “You are old! Get out, boy! I like being young,” she said, drawing laughter from the audience.

Afterwards, the singer also specified her “young” perspective: “26 years old, 27”, revealed Ana Castela. Interestingly, 27 years old is the singer's age Gustavo Mioto the artist's ex-boyfriend.

On social media, a page dedicated to fans of the former country couple published the moment. “He made a mistake and still corrected it,” said the caption.

Watch the moment:

Vale remembers that last week, the advisors for both artists confirmed that they are not resuming their relationship. A CNN , the team representing them reported: “They are not together. They didn’t come back.”

The hypothesis began to be considered after the recording of the Boiadeira modão DVD, in Londrina (PR), at the beginning of the month. According to columnist Leo Dias, Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto were seen by some guests in a romantic atmosphere, at the party organized by the artist after recording her new project.

The artists last broke off their relationship in January of this year. Before that, the ex-couple had already taken a break from their romance, in September 2023, but they got back together a month later.

Source: CNN Brasil

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