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Ana de Armas conquers Venice with her perfect interpretation of Marilyn

A few weeks after the premiere of the famous and long-awaited film Blonde, Ana de Armas, its leading lady, earned recognition and a 14-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival for her harrowing portrayal of one of pop culture’s most iconic characters.

The biographical film was directed by director Andrew Dominik, is inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe and based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates. In addition, its filming began on August 4, precisely on the death anniversary of the Hollywood icon. Let us remember that Marilyn died at the age of 36 in 1962 due to an overdose in her apartment, where the shooting was filmed.

The director of this promising production has put a lot of himself into achieving an excellent result and was always convinced that actress Ana de Armas could play the demanding leading role. In addition, he assured that he knew it from the first moment he saw her, as a kind of love at first sight, since he pointed out that after seeing her in the movie knock knocka thriller psychological directed by Eli Roth in 2015, he knew that the Cuban was the one.

I knew it was her. It was a bit like love at first sight: when the right person walks through the door, you know it… The film came to life when we found it.

Ana de Armas and Andrew Dominik

The actress put heart and passion into the project. At the press conference she talked about her preparation for her character and explained that she tried to understand, empathize and connect with Marilyn’s pain and trauma. In addition, she affirmed, moved to tears, that she took this film as a personal achievement and not for external approval.

I made this movie to push myself and because I thought it was a gift. I didn’t make the movie so that other people would change their opinions about me. Whatever happens, it is the experience that I take with me. This movie has changed my life.

Despite the applause from the public as we eagerly await to see the film that will be released on Netflix on September 23, the critics also expressed their opinion and most of them assure that Ana’s performance is magnificent. However, they have their reservations with the rest of the cliffhanger.

Source: Okchicas

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