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Ana Furtado is “absolutely cured” of cancer, says doctor

The presenter Ana Furtado aged 50, published a video on social media, this Wednesday (29), alongside the oncologist Fernando Maluf saying she is cured of breast cancer after five years of treatment . (See below).

“After five years of treatment, she is now absolutely cured. The exams were completely negative. The exams show a person in their early 20s, healthy, who is now going to have an annual segment. (…) Ana is healthy for life”, says Maluf in the video.

“Cute [marido de Ana], congratulations because the victory belongs to her and the family who took care of her. You were a great partner,” she adds.

Ana appears emotional in the publication and thanks the doctor several times throughout the video.

“I’m very excited. Thank you for everything, okay? For everything you have for me on my journey, our journey,” she says in the video.

In the caption, she revealed that she underwent a series of tests on Tuesday (28) and was discharged from the hospital due to breast cancer.

“I received confirmation of the happiest news of my life. The news I waited for 5 years! I was sure this day would come. And it arrived!!!”, he wrote.

In 2018, Ana Furtado discovered a tumor in her breast, which led her to undergo surgery to remove it and, subsequently, chemotherapy sessions.

Source: CNN Brasil

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