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Ana Hickman was afraid of having a relationship with Edu Guedes

Ana Hickmann It is Edu Guedes shared with fans details about the beginning of their relationship. A month after they began their romance, the presenter shared a video on YouTube answering questions sent by her followers.

From the beginning, the couple recalled when their friendship turned into love, in addition to all the insecurities that arose in this process — given that Ana had just gotten divorced from Alexandre Correa after reporting him for assault.

Shortly after the presenter's life turned upside down, Edu Guedes reveals in the video that he sent a message to his, until then, friend, showing his support. With a lot on her mind, Ana Hickmann ended up ignoring the contact.

After some insistence from the chef to see if she was okay, what they consider their first meeting took place: in mid-December, they went out to talk in the company of their children.

Still in the video, Ana Hickmann reveals that the initiative for the first kiss came from her . After a few meetings and the feeling changed, the presenter turned her face when she received a hug from Edu.

Despite this, the two made a point of ensuring that, while they were both committed to other people, there was never anything between them beyond friendship.

“For us, this has always been very different. We always respected each other a lot, we met and worked every day. We didn’t have much time for anything”, explained Edu Guedes.

As new feelings emerged, the famous confessed to being scared to start a new relationship at that moment in your life.

“Yes, I was scared, because I didn't want to harm Edu, I always had a lot of affection for him as a friend. When we went out for the first time together and talked, this affection grew and turned into something else,” she explained.

Aware of the situation that Ana was experiencing, the presenter stated that he never saw her as a problem. “What makes me stand by your side the most is seeing that, despite everything you're going through, you have that smile every day, you take care of your son with great affection”, declared the chef.

Never imagining that a story like this could happen outside of romance books, the presenter also melted when praising her boyfriend's companionship. “You faced and have been facing very delicate situations for me and my son,” she said.

According to the couple, the decision to publicly assume the relationship only happened when they were sure of how they felt about each other, in addition to having informed their children first.

While Ana Hickamann is the mother of Alezinho, from her previous marriage, Edu Guedes is the father of Maria Eduarda, from her relationship with Daniela Zurita which ended in 2012.

Source: CNN Brasil

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