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Ana Hickmann case: find out who Alexandre Correa, the presenter’s husband, is

Presenter Ana Hickmann accuses her husband, Alexandre Correa, of having physically attacked her this Saturday (11) in the house where they live in Itu (SP). The presenter registered a police report at a police station in the city.

Alexandre Correa is 51 years old, a businessman and responsible for managing the company Hickmann Serviços Ltda with his wife. The company is based in São Paulo and licenses products such as glasses, nail polish, bags and shoes under the presenter’s name, in addition to managing the former model’s career.

Video: Ana Hickmann files a complaint and accuses her husband of assault during a fight in SP

She met Alexandre as a teenager, at 15 years old, and married him after eight months of dating, at 16, to achieve emancipation and accept jobs abroad as a model. She has been with him ever since, for 25 years. The couple has a 9-year-old son.

Reports of fights

“When we met, we were very young, we thought one way. We matured and each one shaped their personality. I was very insecure about the things I felt and the way I imposed myself in life. And he, because he was ten years older, thought that only he could be right, because he had more experience. One day I said: ‘Wait a minute, calm down’. Everyone learns, and I started my life very early”, said the presenter in a video published on her YouTube channel in November last year

“That’s when we started fighting more. Because everyone tries to put their side of the coin and, sometimes, doesn’t know how to listen to the other side. One has no patience, and the other has a short temper”, added Ana in the same video.

On social media, Alexandre has more than 1 million followers and often shares family photos and videos, as well as his opinions on sports in general.

Fight against cancer

In 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Alexandre faced neck cancer and lost 18kg. He is currently in remission from the disease [quando não é mais detectada no corpo].

“I don’t even remember how I received the news, I know I had to stay alive. My mission is to take care of my wife, my son, my family and my collaborators who came here with me, everyone is in the same basket”, he said in a video published on social media in 2021.


This Sunday, after information about the alleged aggression was released, Correa published a text on his social networks in which he “apologized” to his family and said he had a “disagreement” with his wife.

According to him, it was an “absolutely isolated situation, which did not generate any major consequences” and that “everything will be duly clarified at the appropriate time”.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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