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Ana Hickmann’s husband, Alexandre Correa drops divorce action, says lawyer

Businessman Alexandre Correa, husband of presenter Ana Hickmann, withdrew his divorce action against the former model. A CNN Enio Martins Murad, Correa’s lawyer, said the decision was a “gesture of pacification”.

Days after Ana Hickmann filed a police report against her husband, they both filed for divorce. The presenter made the request through the 1st Criminal and Domestic and Family Violence Court, based on the Maria da Penha Law, which was denied.

As a result, the judge responsible for the decision ordered the immediate referral of the case to a Family Court. Thus, both divorce requests were in the same department.

According to Alexandre Correa’s lawyer, Ana Hickmann’s request remains in force. The businessman decided to step back to “let Ana come forward with this topic”. The defense also explains that it would make no sense to keep two cases in the same court. “Alexandre doesn’t want to fight anymore,” he adds.

Understand the case

The presenter filed a police report against Correa on November 11th. She said she was attacked by him at the family home in Itu, in the interior of São Paulo.

Hickman told police that he was talking to his 10-year-old son in the kitchen of the house when Correa heard it and didn’t like the subject. So he started an argument. The child, scared, would have run out of the room, according to her.

Correa allegedly pushed his wife against the wall and threatened to headbutt her, according to information contained in the police report. He denied the accusations on social media.

During the argument, Correa closed the kitchen door, hitting Hickmann, according to the report. She used the situation to lock her husband out of the room and call the Military Police, but the businessman was no longer there when the agents arrived.

At the police station, when giving a statement and registering a report for assault, Hickmann refused the protective measures provided for in the Maria de Penha Law.

Source: CNN Brasil

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