Ana Ivanovic, «tennis passion»: returning to the field after 5 years (and two children)?

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It was the 30 august 2016 and on the fast fields of Flushing Meadows, in New York, the champion Ana Ivanovic surrendered in two sets a Denis Allertov, in the first round of US Open. To date, that of Luis Armstrong Stadium, is the last professional match for the historic Serbian tennis player, class ’87, that at the end of the season – also accomplices a series of injuries – decided to hang the racket on the nail and devote yourself to the family.

Almost five years distance from that unexpected knockout, Ana could do hers sensational return to the field. «My key to a happy and successful life? Follow the passion»He wrote on his Instagram profile showing in the photo a ball, “Without listening to those who do not understand”. A clear message, so much so that in the world of tennis it has already started to circulate an indiscretion on the date of the alleged comeback: May 16, at the tournament of Belgrade.

In the city where it is born and raised, in fact, in about a month an e will be stagedofficial wind of the women’s circuit organized by Djordje Djokovic, brother of the famous Nole. “I’ll bring a large one here tennis ambassador», He said on TV, raising the antennas of the passionate. Who immediately connected that sentence with the post social of Ana: «Who knows what the we will reviewFans ask themselves. «In the race or how testimonial».

In fact the Serbian, in the list of International Federation, is still among the tennis players out of competition and then, to return to all intents and purposes on the scoreboard, must first be included in the anti-doping program: a bureaucratic process that requires a few months. Easier then to think of his own exhibition match, which could be a kind of launching pad for a return to a stable plant in professionalism. That would crazy.

Yes, because in the meantime Ana – after the dream wedding in Venice with the former footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger, had two children – Wound in 2018 and Stefan in 2019. Triumph at Roland Garros 2008 ed ex number one from the ranking for 12 weeks, he said enough with tennis at just 29 years old, continuing one anyway life as an athlete, in terms of both training and nutrition: «I’ll stay sport ambassadorHe wrote in the farewell communiqué.

Today, which is preparing to perform 34, many dream of admiring it again on the field. Well-tied shoes and racket in hand, chasing that yellow ball: his great passion.

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