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Anac authorizes removal of planes from Porto Alegre Airport

The planes that were stranded at Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre (RS), due to the heavy rains that hit the state since the beginning of May, began to be removed from the terminal this Saturday (08).

The operation, authorized by the National Civil Aviation Agency on an “exceptional basis”, involves the removal of 9 out of 47 planes that were stranded due to flooding at the airport.

The complex has had its activities suspended since May 3rd. Exceptional aircraft transfers do not allow for commercial flights with passengers.

The authorization was only decided after the adoption of safety procedures by the air operators and the complex’s administration.

For the withdrawal to take place, it is necessary for the companies and individuals responsible for the aircraft to sign up to a liability agreement, in addition to requiring a risk assessment from each air operator for a special flight authorization.

All measures were adopted in conjunction with the Airspace Control Department (Decea), air operators and Fraport Brasil, Salgado Filho’s concessionaire.

The removal of planes must take place at times pre-defined by the concessionaire in conjunction with the air traffic service.

On the morning of last Monday (03), a delegation made up of the CEO of Fraport Brasil, Andrea Pal and the Minister of Support for Reconstruction of Rio Grande do Sul, Paulo Pimenta, entered the airport to check the situation and assess the damage.

After the inspection, the concessionaire Fraport, the company responsible for managing the site, announced that POA airport should only be reopened in December of this year. However, according to Anac, regular air operations at the airport remain suspended indefinitely.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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