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Anac releases increased flight frequency at Guarulhos Airport

The National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) announced the suspension of restrictions that limited commercial flights at Guarulhos International Airport, in São Paulo.

The measure, published in Ordinance No. 14,847, released last Friday (21), revoked the previous decision motivated by security concerns on aircraft aprons.

Anac’s decision occurred after the concessionaire GRU Airport demonstrated compliance with the established requirements implementing significant improvements to the terminal infrastructure.

Among the actions carried out and in progress are some repairs to the apron and taxiway system, improvement of horizontal signage, pavements and other initiatives to strengthen operational safety.

During the period of suspension, Anac highlighted concerns about safety on aircraft aprons, highlighting implications during flights at night and in rainy weather.

In addition, actions are planned such as increasing the number of yard inspectors, acquiring new vehicles and signaling equipment, installing LED lights for marking and additional training for drivers and ground staff.

These measures aim to ensure the safety of air operations and improve the efficiency of Brazil’s largest airport.

Source: CNN Brasil

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