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Analysis: Conflict in Gaza adds complexity to the unstable geopolitical situation in Europe

CNN International analyst Fernanda Magnotta highlighted that Europe is facing a turbulent period with the war in Ukraine, its energy and inflationary consequences and the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East. According to Magnotta, an extra conflict such as the clash between Israel and Hamas in Gaza “further disrupts these predictions and stability” on the European continent.

The expert highlighted that international attention is divided between Ukraine and the Middle East. She mentioned that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed concerns that his country is “forgotten” amid other crises.

“When we say ‘forgotten’ it’s not simply that we don’t talk about it, but that the resources don’t arrive, that the countries decrease in the support they have offered militarily”, explained Magnotta.

Impact on the international agenda

The analyst recalled that, this week, the G7 summit is taking place in Italy, where the ongoing conflicts will be addressed. She suggested that if tempers are calmed in the Middle East, international attention could refocus on Ukraine.

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(Published by Raphael Bueno, from CNN Brasil)

Source: CNN Brasil

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