Analysis of prices for BTC, ETH, XRP (01/29/21)


Yesterday, buyers tried to recover the price above the two-hour EMA55. In the afternoon, they broke through the average price level and tested the resistance of the purple downtrend line tonight.

If today they can increase the volume of purchases and break through this resistance, then the price will be able to gain a foothold above the support level of 36000.00 USD.

If the resistance of the trend line is not broken, the downtrend will continue and the pair will reach support at 28000.00 USD by the end of the week.


Yesterday, buyers were able to break through the resistance of the average price level and gain a foothold just above the 1320.00 USD mark. At night, the ether price tried to test the resistance of 1400.00 USD, but the volume of purchases decreased and the pair returned to support the level of average prices.

If the bears push through the two-hour EMA55, then the ETH price will again test the support of the upward blue trendline for strength over the coming weekend.


Yesterday the XRP price consolidated above the 0.260 USD level, but the resistance of the two-hour EMA55 prevents the continuation of the recovery within the sideways range ($ 0.280 – $ 0.310).

If the moving average EMA55 limits the recovery, then by the end of the week the pair will roll back below the support of 0.260 USD.

If buyers are able to overcome the level of average prices, then at the weekend the pair will fight within the specified side corridor.