Analysis of prices for BTC, ETH, XRP (09/29/21)

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Yesterday morning, the bitcoin price was unable to gain a foothold in the consolidation at the 50% fibo level (42447.96 USD) and by the end of the day rolled back to the last week’s low (40800.00 USD).

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Buyers tried to restore the pair tonight, but the recovery took place without the participation of a large buyer, and in the morning it slowed down significantly. If in the first half of the day buyers are able to hold the initiative, then the price will rise to the fifty percent Fibonacci level.

We believe that by the end of the day the bears will strengthen their presence in the market, and the BTC price will roll back to the psychological support of 40,000.00 USD.


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Yesterday morning, sellers pushed the price of ETH out of the 3000.00 USD area, but during the day there was a clear support level around the 2890.00 USD mark. To break it, the bears had to increase volumes and form a rather strong impulse, as a result of which the pair rolled back to the support of 2800.00 USD. At night, the price pierced this blue support, but at the moment buyers are still holding the pair above 2800.00 USD.

Today the pair may recover to the three-hour EMA55 area, however, the recovery to the three thousand area will cause a response from sellers in the form of an increase in sales. Such a bearish momentum is capable of breaking through the strong support of 2800.00 USD and pulling the pair back to the September low (2650.00 USD).


Most of the day yesterday, XRP did not drop below 0.920 USD. In the evening, sellers managed to break through this weak support level, and at night the pair dropped to the last week’s low (0.886 USD).

As of this morning, the price has recovered above the level of 0.900 USD and during the day may continue to rise to the area of ​​average prices (0.950 USD). However, the price will not be able to stay in the area of ​​the three-hour moving average EMA55 and will soon continue to decline to the support of 0.800 USD.

* All prices are based on BitStamp data

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