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Analysis: What is the future of Princess Kate?

The unexpected announcement of the British elections that will take place in July is giving William and Catherine a breather. A waiting period and a very special opportunity to rest ―and not worry so much about your official visits.

Considering how long the princess has been away from her work as a member of the royal family and her medical challenges, one wonders whether her role will continue or whether she will cease to be prominent in the future.

For the image of the popular English monarchy, this would be a bad thing because Kate is the great protagonist and “superstar” of the family! An effect that gained over time. In addition to being very loved and admired by the people!

This seems to be a sign that your health always needs more care. And there are many questions regarding it. I wonder ― is your recovery after preventative chemotherapy slower and more difficult than expected?

It is not the first time that the root of her health problems has sparked confusion, speculation and concerns surrounding the Princess of Wales’ royal duties.

And in the meantime, a diligent Prince William has done his best during his public appearances since his wife Catherine announced her cancer diagnosis in mid-March. He behaved wonderfully and did his duty politely and with a smile on his face. Congratulations to him.

In May, at an official event at St Mary’s Hospital, he posed for photos at the facility, located in the far southeast of England, and even briefly reported on the princess’s health and told a hospital administrator that the princess, 42, was “fine”, before adding that his three children (Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 9, and Prince Louis, 6) were jealous because he had traveled to one of the family’s favorite destinations without them.

Let’s not be pessimistic. By all indications, the princess appears to be on the road to recovery, so she could feel strong enough to be very involved with the children and continue being an active mother. I hope it continues like this.

Although recovery was good, patients with these conditions sometimes cannot see many people because they have low immunity and do not want their health to be compromised.

So questions about her return to royal duties remain in the air, and the latest reports claim she won’t be able to return to work until autumn next year. Thus, the future of the monarchy remains a nebulous unknown.

Source: CNN Brasil

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