Analyst Lark Davis is optimistic about Bitcoin

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Popular cryptanalyst Lark Davis believes the next six months in the crypto space could be incredible.

The next 6 months in 9 years in Bitcoin and Crypto are likely to be mega-crazy! Many of you will get the chance to completely change your financial destiny, the trader tweeted.

Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $ 67,000 this week, boosted by the launch of the Bitcoin futures ETF ProShares Strategy. Now there is a correction on the crypto market, during which bitcoin dropped to $ 61,700.

In this situation, Davis advises investors not to get carried away with speculative altcoins and NFTs, relying on time-tested alternative coins.

Moreover, he suggests doubling the bets on the winners:

Let the winners win, double and even triple your positions and cut the losers. Do it mercilessly, there is no point in keeping dubious assets.

At the same time, Davis is optimistic about some altcoins, noting that Bitcoin is not alone in making money enough to change lives. He added that over the next 10 years, BTC can increase your savings by 20 times, but individual altcoins can bring comparable income much earlier.

Altcoins are intended for making money, BTC is for storage, the expert added.

There are many altcoins on the market today, and it takes a combination of analysis, ingenuity, time and luck to select winners early on. Recently, Guggenheim CIO Scott Meinerd rightly said that 70% of the cryptocurrencies on the market will disappear as unnecessary.

Plus, there are potential winners in the DeFi ecosystem in the coming years as well. The analyst notes that ignoring the DeFi space is tantamount to putting money under the mattress.

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