Anastasiadis at Summit: New Violations of International Law by Turkey

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“Turkey’s stance is accompanied by a series of new violations of international law,” said the President of the Republic of Cyprus. Nikos Anastasiadis, in his intervention in European Council, earlier on Friday.

As the government representative of Cyprus, Marios Pelekanos, noted, “in his speech today at the European Council, the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis, reminded that last June the European Council had reiterated its commitment to overall settlement of the Cyprus problem“on the basis of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality and had called on Turkey to do the same.”

Mr. Pelekanos also pointed out that Nikos Anastasiadis referred to what took place “at the informal tripartite meeting in New York on September 27, during which The appointment of a UN Special Envoy for the Cyprus issue was agreed, with the aim of overcoming any obstacles, so that the talks can start again “.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, “explained that, after the meeting, the Turkish side – and despite what had been agreed with the Turkish Cypriot leader before the UN Secretary General – withdrew, refusing to appoint a Special Envoy, with the aim of consolidating the existing impasse, “the Cypriot government spokesman added.

“Then the President of the Republic conveyed that Turkey’s stance is accompanied by a series of new violations of international law – again in complete disregard for what the European Council had called it to do “They not only hinder the prospect of resuming a fruitful dialogue, but escalate tensions, in violation of what the EU has demanded from Ankara,” he said.

And “hybrid threats” against Cyprus

Nikos Anastasiadis further stressed that Cyprus is also facing “hybrid threats from Turkey on the issue of immigration, informing that in 2021 alone more than 6,800 asylum applications were registered and of these, 6.250 They came through the Occupied Territories, with Cyprus having the highest per capita percentage of asylum seekers in the EU “, added Marios Pelekanos.

He further noted that the President of the Republic of Cyprus “pointed out that the increased flows are mainly due to the instrumentalization of migrants from Turkey and their systematic and deliberate promotion through the Green Line, in the free zones, in breach of its obligations under EU-Turkey Declaration 2016stigmatizing at the same time the fact that Turkey continues the policy of colonization of the Occupied Territories and the alteration of the demographic composition of the island “.

Finally, Mr. Pelekanos stated that “the EU partners expressed the their full support and solidarity with Cyprus“Both in relation to the efforts to restart the negotiation process, and to the pressures exerted in the country due to the increased migratory flows that continue”.

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