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Anchor who interviewed Biden says he “doesn’t think he can serve another 4 years”

Editor’s note: The analysis article below was first published in the CNN International newsletter, “Reliable Sources”.

George Stephanopoulos, wearing a T-shirt, shorts and headphones, was walking the streets of New York on foot on Tuesday (9) when he was approached by a stranger who asked his opinion on US President Joe Biden’s suitability for office.

“I don’t think he can serve another four years,” the ABC News anchor, who had sat down with Biden a few days earlier for his first televised interview after the presidential debate, responded bluntly. CNN .

Stephanopoulos’ blunt comment — video of which made its way to TMZ — served as the latest example of the media turning on Biden, expressing strong concerns about whether he has the strength to defeat Donald Trump in November and then serve an additional term in office.

On Tuesday night, Stephanopoulos expressed regret for his outspoken remark, saying through a spokesperson: “Earlier today, I responded to a question from a passerby. I should not have responded.” (Notably, Stephanopoulos did not retract the view he expressed, but simply said he should not have expressed it.)

ABC News said separately that Stephanopoulos “expressed his own viewpoint and not the position of ABC News.” Regardless, any damage inflicted by the comment was already done.

Needless to say, Stephanopoulos is far from alone among his media peers in sharing this view.

Whether fair or unfair (and I think you could argue that some of the coverage over the past two weeks has been overblown and irresponsible), the reality is that Biden has, at this point, lost a large portion of the press corps.

Many journalists simply don’t buy the narrative that Biden, his campaign and the White House are selling.

“To Serve His Country, President Biden Should Drop Out of the Race,” The New York Times editorial board headlined a scathing article last week, while several other prominent figures called for him to step aside.

That loss of trust poses a significant challenge for Biden as he tries to convince the American public that he is ready for the difficult task ahead.

Every move Biden makes, every sentence he utters, is now under a microscope, which is never a good sign for a political candidate. Worse for Biden, he is no longer getting the benefit of the doubt. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

The president said this week that he doesn’t care what “the elites” think about his candidacy. But given his decades in politics, he surely knows that alienating and going to war with the media is not a winning strategy.

Whether he likes it or not, the way the media covers his campaign influences how millions of Americans view his suitability for office. And given how close the 2024 race already was before the presidential debate, CNN recent coverage attacking Biden’s campaign poses a grave threat to his livelihood.

It remains to be seen how Biden will manage to weather the media storm that threatens to consume his candidacy. Can he? So far, the steps Biden has taken to regain trust have failed to produce the desired result.

The Stephanopoulos interview is a perfect example of this. Instead of helping him move forward, giving the interview effectively backfired, with Biden failing to convince Stephanopoulos with his message.

The fact that the president failed to convince his campaign’s handpicked interviewer for his first debate about his ability to lead the nation for the next four years does not bode well for his campaign.

Source: CNN Brasil

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