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And how do you write Dolce & Gabbana? Here are the most crippled brands

In front of the white bar of Google, at least once, before starting a search, we all – let’s be honest – have had a doubt about how to write a word. The same goes when we want to search for the name of a fashion brand: perhaps we need double consonants? Maybe not? Maybe there is space? Or is that «h» to be placed there or towards the end?

It’s one of those situations that he can remember Anne Hathaway when in the movie The devil wears Prada asks if Gabbana written with two Bs, but which, in reality, happens more often than you think.

In one study, joora web platform that connects brands and retailers, using the analysis tool ahrefhe distilled a ranking of which fashion names are most often mistaken when doing a search. The result: a series of cripples that can elicit a smile (even a bitter one).

However, to the detriment of what one might imagine, the brand that has been written incorrectly several times is adidas. In fact, the German sportswear giant makes an average of 556,000 spelling errors every month. Not only many write two d creating addidasbut others eliminate the last – always doubling the first – creating as a final result goodbyes.


Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Not too far away, in second place there Chanel with 408,700 blunders. Again getting confused by inserting an unnecessary extra consonant and writing channel or Chanell. While in third place – with only 85,300 misspellings – Swarovskiis reported as Swarovskior Swarovski.


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Not even saved among the big French brands Louis Vuittonwhich many write Louis Vitton or Louis Vuitton. And, not even Italian brands are saved from this ominous ranking. That the double b in Dolce & Gabbana you create quite a few uncertainties we have cinematic proof of it but it appears completely new to our eyes and ears Bottega Veneta turned into Botega, Botegga, Bottega Venetta or Versace written Versache (Also Versage).

Bottega Veneta

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The fact that emerges is one and unequivocal: you can have a worldwide appeal and be known in every corner of the earth… but there will always be someone, in some corner of the planet, who will get your name wrong.

Source: Vanity Fair

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