And if the future of Barbara D’Urso were in Rai?

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Barbara D’Urso in Rai? According to what he anticipates Dagospia, the news may not be entirely baseless. After the early closure of Live – It’s not D’Urso, the elongation of Domenica Live, the harsh reply of the Charm of Maria De Filippi regarding the guest of Pietro Delle Piane against Temptation Island and the postponement to a later date of Big Brother Nip, it seems that the air in Cologno is not the best for the presenter, who would, at this point, be considering various options for his professional future.

Always according to what he reports Dagospia, it seems that the discontent linked to Piersilvio Berlusconi’s decision to put an end to Live – It’s not D’Urso – Barbara has, however, repeatedly said that the program will return in the autumn – led the director in charge of VideoNews Mauro Crippa to ask for the direct intermediation of Fedele Confalonieri who, however, would have replied spades by explaining that he no longer deals with Mediaset.

In short, the protections would not be those of the past. Barbara D’Urso, at the moment, stands firm with Afternoon Five and the extended version of Domenica Live, but without a prime time program at least until next season. The not exactly exciting results of Live, combined with the even colder ones of the return of the Doctor Giò a few years ago, they seem to have somehow opacified the very powerful light that Barbara has always exercised in her headquarters. Many voices, none of which confirmed, would also speak of various internal frictions highlighted precisely by the reaction of Fascino regarding the statements made by Pietro Delle Piane against Temptation Island a Live – It’s not D’Urso.

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Someone speaks of the existence of a veto that De Filippi would have imposed on D’Urso’s programs in order not to address issues related to its broadcasts – a hypothesis that has never been confirmed either by the direct interested parties or by the company -, while someone else underlines such as relations with colleagues, including Silvia Toffanin herself, from whom Barbara allegedly “snatched” a guest from very trueNo siano most. That’s why Dagospia speaks of a timid opening towards Rai, even if trying to understand the location and the effective validity of the negotiation at the moment is at least impossible. In the past, D’Urso has repeatedly explained that, sooner or later, the Sanremo Festival would lead her, but it seems unlikely that the public service will consider the hypothesis so soon. Or maybe yes?

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