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And Jennifer Aniston also makes the transition to gray hair

Affable, amused and smiling. She appeared like this, Jennifer Anistonin the video posted just a few days ago on Instagram in which the same actress shows her fans a new hair product from her beauty brand Lolavie.

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It is a short handful of seconds – used to explain the benefits and the correct way to apply theIntensive Repair Treatment -, but sufficient enough to reveal a hair, styled in a semi-updo, with roots apparently left grey.

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A detail that does not seem to have escaped the lynx eyes of his followers, many of whom, under the post, left comments of appreciation for the choice of this natural look. “I hope it stays natural, it’s much more attractive” someone wrote. “She IS gorgeous,” added another. Comments that clash with others who instead argue that it is only an effect silver created by its very blond reflections.

Either way, if the Rachel’s Friends had she really decided to embrace her white hair, detaching herself from her monthly coloring appointment, she wouldn’t be the first of the famous to do so. In recent years, more and more stars (and not only) have decided to convert to gray hair or shrug in front of the first silver threads of regrowth. Among the most striking examples of her Andie MacDowell, increasingly happy with her choice that makes her feel “free”.

Undoubtedly a more relaxed and aware attitude towards one’s appearance, which escapes dictates and conventions by virtue of one’s own freedom.

Source: Vanity Fair

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