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And Just Like That 2: are we sure Carrie has to wait for Aidan for 5 years?

It’s been around since we’ve seen the season 2 finale of And Just Like That that we wonder what true love is: dedicating yourself completely to the person you love or asking them to wait for their child to reach puberty to be able to date? The protagonists of this impertinent question are Carrie and Aidan, the former lovers of the times of Sex and the City That And Just Like That has decided to bring together again to obtain the approval of an audience that continues to watch the series above all to re-familiarize with the characters of the past. After an email carelessly sent by Carrie to her ex-lover – evidently Whatsapp has gone out of fashion – here they are again side by side as if time had not stopped. Aside from the fact that we wanted to stick our heads in the oven when Carrie told Miranda that she suspected Mr. Big was a “big mistake” – where is samantha when needed? -, it is bizarre to say the least that the protagonist herself does not remember the feelings that accompanied her when she was engaged to Aidan in the golden age.

From the his imposition on her smoking – veto which, if not respected, would have compromised the birth of the relationship – allo skin rash that Carrie had after trying on a horrible meringue-like wedding dress to find out what it would feel like to see herself at the altar with Aidan. Making an effort of the imagination and imagining that all this never happened, let’s try to see And Just Like That as a standalone product: Carrie and Aidan find each other, want each other and unmaterassano, but only in locations other than Carrie’s apartment because Aidan, now sixty, is afraid to set foot again in the house where the two had broken up fifteen years earlier. A such absurd and toxic logic whom Carrie, however, decides not to fight but to encourage, spending who knows how many dollars to get a hotel room and begging Che – perhaps one of the most irritating characters in And Just Like That – to lend them her apartment which the two decide to refurbish according to their taste – never fully trust a woman who uses the oven to fold sweaters.

All nice and all sugary until Aidan remembers being a father and decides to ask Carrie to wait for him for five years, like soldiers leaving for the Civil War, to allow his adolescent and hostile son to grow up. This perspective that opens on the ending of And Just Like That is daunting for two reasons: for the immaturity of a man who evidently does not know how to reconcile the love of a child with that of his wife and for the abnegation and compliance of a woman who actually decides to annul herself in order to follow her boyfriend’s absurd requests. From the house in which one cannot copulate to the absurd request to wait five years assuming that she, who evidently has neither a life nor sexual impulses, will always be there waiting for him. At this point we await the third season only with the hope that the production of And Just Like That cover with gold Kim Cattrall if only to pull Carrie’s hair out and advise her to come to her senses. And maybe to go back to Paris to ask forgiveness from Big’s ashes scattered in the Seine for the idiotic phrase that the screenwriters chose to make her utter.

Source: Vanity Fair

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