And just like that, le accuse dei fan a Carrie nel sequel di Sex and the City

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Warning: this article contains SPOILERS

There is no peace for Manatthan’s fifties And just like that, the sequel to Sex and the City just landed on Sky and NOW. First there was the plunge in the shares of Peloton, a leader in fitness: after the incident of Mr. Big, the company lost 15% of its shares in two days. And so is Ryan Reynolds’ marketing company Maximum Effort produced the commercial He’s a live where the actor Chris Noth not only looks great but plans to end a nice romantic evening (without Carrie) with a nice ride.


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Now comes another tsumani, but always dictated by the same reason. The audience did not like the traumatic departure of the protagonist’s great love (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) as well as the absence of Kim Cattral / Samantha and therefore is holding on to any hold to vent anger and frustration.

However the death of an iconic character always triggers extreme reactions, especially if, as in this case, it is not functional to history (as in the case, for example, of Berlin The paper house, which in fact not only returns in flashbacks but wins a prequel series all to itself). When an interpreter gives up a project, the writers always try to find a brilliant and respectful exit from the scene, but this time the decision to give the husband of the iconic fashion journalist a heart attack just doesn’t go down. just as she is away from home to support Charlotte’s daughter (Kristin Davis). Poor thing, all she lacked was one more guilt with which to stress. Suffice it to recall that her waters broke just after seeing Mister Big, when he didn’t show up on her wedding day.

This time, however, it is not the former art curator who is being accused: fans blame Carrie’s negligence. For dramatic effects, she is seen running to meet her husband John in the shower, hugging him and kissing him. Technically, in short, the writer delays the arrival of help because in fact she does not call 911 immediately but rather makes the man lie down on the side. All the calculations have been done: the couple’s penthouse is on the fifteenth floor, but still just an eight-minute drive from the nearest hospital, Lenox Hill.

The Twitter comments were fierce and often involved advice on basic resuscitation techniques that, according to users, would make much more sense than the state of shock in which Carrie was described, totally unable to react.

The site Vulture he also bothered a cardiologist, Daniel Luger, who explained that yes, John could have remained on the ground, but conscious, for at least half an hour after the heart attack. According to the doctor of the Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, indeed, she should have at least checked her pulse and then started the heart massage.

Apart from the scientific dissertations, however, everyone should be reminded that this is a fictional product, which follows the rules of business and is based on the suspension of disbelief. In short, we pretend to believe that everything is real by a tacit agreement between creator and user. It is understandable, however, that the gratuitousness of the moment and the inability to provide a plausible and even noble scenario for Mr. Big’s passing sent viewers into a rage.

The nostalgia operation did not appease the spirits, indeed the prequel has been analyzed in great detail. No advertisements or statements from creator Michael Patrick King can change that. All that remains is to mourn in its five stages as if John James Preston were a dear acquaintance who passed away prematurely.


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