And. Siamisis: ELPE has no direct transactions with Russian hydrocarbon companies

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Hellenic Petroleum does not have direct transactions with Russian producers or traders of hydrocarbons, any purchases are made through traders who are not of Russian interests, said the CEO of ELPE, Andreas Siamisis, during the teleconference to inform the analysts about the results. in 2021.

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Mr. Siamisis referred to the challenges posed by the energy crisis and the increase in the prices of carbon dioxide emissions, and pointed out the need for realism to prevail during the energy transition. As mentioned, within the first half of the year, the final investment decision will be made for the construction of a new power plant with natural gas, with a capacity of 826 megawatts, while in the next period the change of the company name will be completed.

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ELPE announced profits of 341 million euros for 2021, a size that is the second highest performance in the history of the group, while it is noteworthy that in the 4th quarter domestic consumption exceeded that of 2019.

The Board of Directors decided to distribute a dividend of 0.40 euros / share, of which 0.30 euros / share will be distributed in April and 0.1 euros / share after the General Meeting. Also, 50% of the expected revenues from the sale of DEPA Infrastructure will be allocated for the payment of an extraordinary dividend within 2022. In total, the payments for dividends this year are thus set at 250 million euros.


Source: Capital

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