And YouTube there too. Donald Trump’s channel is blocked temporarily


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Twitter Shares Collapse After Trump’s Account Blocked

YouTube has removed a new video uploaded to US President Donald Trump for violating the company’s so-called incitement to violence policy. It is not yet known what kind of video contained content that violated the rules of the service. YouTube representatives did not provide details about the incident.

YouTube’s statement, which highlighted the actions taken against Trump’s account, highlighted that the decision was made after careful analysis of recent violent incidents. To prevent the company from becoming a vehicle for the spread of violence, it had to remove new content uploaded to Donald Trump’s channel.

And YouTube there too.  Donald Trump's channel is blocked temporarily

They also issued a warning to this account for violating YouTube’s rules on incitement to violence. The statement also said that the channel is now prohibited from uploading new videos or live broadcasts for at least seven days. A second warning will result in an account ban for two weeks, and a third warning will result in a permanent account ban.

YouTube also took it a step further by removing content from the official White House channel. In addition, comments on President Trump’s videos have been disabled indefinitely.

YouTube is joining other companies, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, that have taken drastic action against Trump in the aftermath of the Capitol attack.


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