Andrea Cerioli: “Men also undergo body shaming, and it hurts”

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«Participate in another reality show? Impossible, I’ve done them all ». Andrea Cerioli laughs and does not deny anything. Thirty-two years old, from Bologna – influencer with over one and a half million followers and digital entrepreneur with a newly launched jewelry line – was on the throne of Men and women, but also sitting on the other side among the suitors, in the relais di Temptation Island, in the house of Big Brother (edition number 13) and finally on the beaches of the last one Island of the famous. In Honduras he spent more than 80 days, taking home the final and third place.

«It was very tough», he says, «being a TV program I expected some more comforts, like bigger rations of food, but it wasn’t like that. As a stubborn smoker, I thought about quitting in the first week, but my proud character eventually prevailed. And after a while I just felt hungry and nothing else. I also caught 12 fish, my personal best ».

Was it your first time fishing?
“I only tried it when I was a kid, sometimes with the rod, just for fun. But I’m very competitive. Everyone told me “the island is not for you, do not go”. In the end I also stayed to silence those rumors ».

Is it usually someone who listens to voices?
“No, now I have my defense walls well built. The criticisms received while I was in Honduras made me reflect, however, on my return when I read them. Everywhere there were those who criticized my physical form, my appearance. During the lockdown, closed at home like everyone else and away from the gyms, I gained about fifteen kilos. I lounged more, cooked and ate more, nothing strange. Then came the call for theIsola. I entered the race when the program had already started, so I had very little time to prepare, so I didn’t ask myself the problem of physical fitness… ».

Unfortunately, unpleasant comments also arrived.
«They are not nice, of course, even if I know how to deal with them. I’m sorry, however, when it may be a little boy who receives them. Body shaming, of course, is a problem that mainly affects women but as in my case it can also affect a man. The answer should always be “who cares, just feel good about yourself”. In shape, if you wish, you can get it back. Then in Honduras I lost 22 kilos, but gaining weight or losing weight shouldn’t be a worry. And above all, no one can afford to judge the body of another ».

What are the other prejudices that can affect men today?
«Always having to flaunt one’s masculinity, showing oneself strong, untouchable. I, on the other hand, believe that crying is the most natural thing in the world. It allows you to express a feeling, to show yourself. The man can therefore be the most romantic, or the one who is most moved within a couple. And then I hate those who take it for granted that the woman has to do everything at home. Why doesn’t a man have to run the washing machine? Me and my partner (Arianna Cirrincione, former suitor) we divide the tasks. I grew up like this, with the idea that in the family we always help each other. I have always been surrounded by women: my mother, who is no longer here today, and my sister. We have always talked about everything with them, moving us as much as possible ».

Did you miss your cell phone on the island?
«I preferred to make a choice different from all the others: in those 80 days I left my Instagram profile closed, without the various posts that read“ staff ”. And I was fine, I actually detoxed. But it wasn’t even the first time, I’m used to bumpy periods. And every time I take my cell phone back in my hand, I am always amazed: “does it really weigh so much?” ».

How much did you miss your partner Arianna instead?
“Ah, impossible to define. I am really in love and I like to be, I consider her my other half. We usually discuss everything, I tell her about my doubts, uncertainties. Not being able to do it in those months in Honduras was strange and difficult, but it made me reflect on what I would like in the future, that is, a family with annexes and connections ».

Did she think she could really fall in love on a TV show?
«I must say that reality shows have saved me a little. I did the Gf in the same year my mother died, and then Men and women. All this kept me busy in the worst moment of my life, but I was not there with the head. I needed to face the pain, get back up. The second time I returned to the throne, however, lots of girls came, but it was hard for me to trust, to believe that they were really there for me. Then Arianna arrived, very shy. She couldn’t talk to me, do nothing, I thought she was there because she really liked me. And it was mutual. For this I chose immediately, I already knew. When I know that I like a person, I have no doubts, I want to live them immediately ».

Was he always faithful?
“I had a lot of fun as a boy, but I never cheated.”

To those who ask you what work you do today, what do you answer?
“I’ve done everything. As a boy, the storekeeper to pay for my studies, then the bartender, and I also had a club. I moved to Miami, Sardinia, and finally worked in an advertising company in Emilia Romagna. My sector is the commercial one, but I like to be in contact with others. The screen of a mobile phone, unfortunately, is not very empathetic also for this reason I accepted all the reality shows that have been proposed to me. That’s enough now, though. I like to carry on my projects, to realize what I have in mind. Besides, I enjoy making television. I would like to learn how to do it, study, improve myself, always raise the bar.

Did he stay in touch with the other castaways?
“I often hear Ignatius (Moser, ed), we became friends. Again, demolishing the prejudice that it would have taken rivals.

What do you hope for the future?
«I dream of continuing to grow at a professional level. And, as far as private matters are concerned, I would like to become a father ».

What father do you think it will be?
“A sweet and easily buyable dad (ride, ed). However, we must also be strict. Some things can only be taught to her by her parents. “

As a child, what did you learn?
“So many little things that give you the idea of ​​the big one. As a child, for example, I couldn’t get my hands on a shop window because someone would have to clean it later. I’ve learned respect, I think it’s the best weapon. And I like straight people, I think honesty in life always pays off. Doing good brings you good. My mother taught me that. He was a wonderful person, my point of reference. She passed away when I was 25, when you feel like a man but you are not. The day you lose your mother, you feel like a drop in the ocean. You understand that you no longer know anything, not even your GP’s number. From there you have to find a way to start again. And it’s not easy ».

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