Andrea di York, who “wishes to (re) marry his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson”

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You might think that Andrew of York, involved since 2019 in the Epstein scandal who casts the shadow of pedophilia on him, after having materially received the denunciation of a woman who accuses him of sexual abuse has everything on his mind except matters of the heart. But no. The third son of Queen Elizabeth, surprisingly, think about the wedding. With the ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, mother of his daughters Eugenie e Beatrice. “If after the sexual abuse accusations you can get your life back, the prince wishes to remarry Fergie», As several sources revealed to the American edition of Vanity Fair.

«Their love rekindled during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now they are closer than ever. And they take care of each other, ”an insider said. Andrea also appreciates the unconditional loyalty of his ex-wife. “Despite the Epstein scandal, she has always remained on his side», Specified another source close to the royal family.

The two, who officially divorced in May 1996, they never really separated. They soon began to find themselves under the pretext of spending all holidays with their daughters with their families. Then they resumed a live together in the Royal Lodge in Windsor and together they have also spent the last summer holidays, guests of Elizabeth II, a Balmoral.

In short, if they really decided to go back to the altar, no one would be surprised. Just a few days ago Sarah, interviewed by Polsat News, he said that Andrea will always have his support: “When I married the prince I was in love with, I made a commitment that I will never fail no matter what.Said the 61-year-old. Adding: “People tell me: you are divorced. Divorced, not divorced … What changes? What matters is mine heart“. And her heart will always remind her of the “My obligation, my oath“. Ferguson added that the day of the wedding with Andrea “was one of the most beautiful of my life”. Net of the consequences of the Epstein scandal, an encore of his most beautiful day does not seem to be excluded at all.

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